Eat 4 Oorah

Gain 5 lbs (or more!) this Purim while helping yiddishe kinderlach!



= 5 LBS


= 10 LBS


= 10% of your starting body weight

You'll need sponsorships totalling $1,800 to participate. We suggest that you also solicit extra kokosh cake, brisket, and hamantashen from friends and family when you ask for sponsorships.

Enjoy the Eat4Oorah Jingle

Stop Drooling and start eating; after all, it's for the kinderlach!
Make your weight
with this helpful list of high-calorie foods!

3500 calories = 1lb
Food Calories
Sticky Spare Ribs 678/half lb.
Milkshake 680/14oz
Cholent and kishke 1000/pint
Corned Beef in sauce 630/7oz
Herring in Cream Sauce 500/3oz
Holepchas 300/leaf
Milk Munch 231/bar
Hot Sauce Chips 600/3.5oz
Strawberry shortcake 800/lg. slice
Halva 350/1oz
Yapchik 750/4oz
Jolly Ranchers 500/bag
Challah 250/slice
24 oz steak 1800
kokosh cake 600/slice
Caramel Cheesecake 950/slice
Pizza 300/slice
Scotch 105/1oz
Beer 145/12oz
Vodka 96/1.5oz
Bourbon 105/1.5oz
Krembo 400/pack of 8
Fried Schnitzel 350/3oz
Peanut Butter 100/Tbsp
Jelly Doughnut 375
Natchos, loaded 340/6 chips
Battered onion rings 600/6 rings
Dr. Pepper 150/1 can
Poutine Fries 740/small order
General Tso's Chicken 520/9 oz
Cinnamon Bun 420
Potato Knish 460