TheZone Zemiros

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At TheZone, the Shabbos seuda is the highlight of the week. Yours can be too!
Singing Zemiros uplifts Shabbos seudos everywhere,
but at TheZone they are something special.

TheZone Zemiros, with traditional tunes and explanatory English lyrics, make the timeless songs accessible to our campers, transmitting the sanctified Shabbos atmosphere to everyone, no matter their background. TheZone Zemiros brings the beauty of classic Shabbos zemiros with a special flavor of TheZone to your home, helping your family develop a new appreciation and understanding of the traditional Shabbos Zemiros. With English lyrics explaining the meaning of each zemer, children will love joining in the chorus at the Shabbos seuda!

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TheZone Zemiros Bencher Set

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Learn the words to every song and get Fiveish socks plus the brand-new
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  1. Learn the words to TheZone Zemiros by heart
  2. Fill out this form with your name and address
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