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Oorah Presents: "Ashrei Ha’Am" by Lipa

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Layehudim Haysa Orah Purim Drawing
Layehudim Haysa Orah Purim Drawing
Haman Fiveish
Fiveish Hamantashen
Fiveish Juggling Clown
Fiveish with Balloons
Purim Old City
Layehudim Haysa Orah Purim Drawing
Purim Painting
Purim Coloring Scene Part 1

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Wanna dress up like Fiveish?

Pillowcase Costume:

You will need:

  • 8 fabric transfer sheets
  • 1 white pillowcase
  • Inkjet printer
  • Scissors


  1. Print the Fiveish costume onto the fabric transfer sheets. Get the Fiveish graphics here!
  2. Cut out the Fiveish costume.
  3. Iron each piece individually onto the pillowcase: carefully line up the 4 front sheets on the front of the pillowcase, and the 4 back sheets on the back of the pillowcase.
  4. Cut a hole in the top center of the pillowcase for the head, and 2 smaller holes on the side for the hands.
  5. Enjoy the costume, and send us pictures at, or Whatsapp Fiveish himself at 732-FIVEISH!

3D Costume:

  1. Click here for the graphics!
  2. Trace and cut out Fiveish’s eyes and mouth onto green foam or felt.
  3. Iron-on or trace Fiveish’s body onto cardboard or fabric.
  4. Wear white over-sized gloves and black sneakers.
  5. Enjoy the costume, and send us pictures at!