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46 Programs.

21,881+ Active Members


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Over 11,000 people all over the world learning weekly, taking the next step on their journeys home.

“I am taking baby steps, adding new mitzvot to my daily routine.”

“Being in Shidduchim is hard enough...”
You can provide Baalei Teshuvah with the fundamentals of a Jewish home.

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Our staff create a 24/7 immersive Torah environment in the funnest Jewish summer camp. At TheZone, kids learn it’s geshmak to be a Yid!

“Every moment is an opportunity that the staff members grab and fill with meaning.”

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Led with profound insight and unwavering clarity by Oorah’s founder, Rav Chaim Mintz, the program offers a unique opportunity to learn from an authentic gadol b’Yisroel.

“Should I wear a cap in the airport?”

Shteigers attending yeshiva and seminary in Israel

The DU program & a year of unbelievable growth & connection right in the heart of Yerushalayim with ChillZone, TorahMates, ShabbaZones, financial assistance, & more.

“My TorahMate became my family in Israel.”

133 men and 324 women are waiting to learn about Yiddishkeit!

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The tuition department works around the clock, encouraging, inspiring, guiding, and assisting parents in switching their children from public school to yeshiva.

“The biggest commitment to yiddishkeit they could possibly make.”

attended Sukkos at TheZone

Hundreds of people from all walks of life come together to experience an authentic yom tov in an immersive environment of kedushah.

“Your program was the reason I started to light candles for Shabbat and observe most of the holidays the right way.”

singles attended Rebbetzins events this year

The Rebbetzins network of dedicated shadchanim and mentors provides personalized support, guidance, and resources on the path to Jewish marriage.

“I was so deeply impacted by the care and genuine positive regard every shadchan offered me.”

packages sent out

For families celebrating yom tov for the first time or in far-out communities, a package for yom tov reminds them that we’re thinking of them and we care!

“What a Joy!!! Got Sukkot gift from you and have tears in my eyes because of your thoughtfulness & your care!!!”

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Kids come together every Motzaei Shabbos for an experience that brings Yiddishkeit alive with mentors, learning, havdalah, prizes, and fun.

“It’s impossible to miss the impact that this one hour a week makes in the lives of our kids. “

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