Early Bird: Enter auction before 2/22/24 for a chance to win $5000 + a bird!

50 Hours.
Sell auction tickets.
Spread Torah & Yiddishkeit.
Launching 5.26.24


Yoisef Velvel

You know Mechel from the credit card points? So he knows this guy who does those mass texting situations and he know the guy from the kollel car raffle. Ich veis, I’m going to combine all of them for a super duper last chance forever robocall!


Shifra Devorah

I’m organizing a telethon, I’ll put up 10 brownie batches and we’ll get through the entire directory! I used to work for Mrs. Shanik so I know how. Like I always tell my talmidos; Ain hadover Haomed lifnei haratzon!



I know exactly how to do this! I’m going to cry and cry and cry until someone just buys all my tickets. It works every single bingle time. Waaahh!!!


Jeff Miller

Guys it’s no sweat, I reserved a seat next to this guy that sits by the Kosel and will hold a cup like him. Listen bro, there are guys doing this every day it must be working.


Breindy Goldstein

I’m literally going to tell my nishmas group about this.Like it’s really special to give tzedakah and we can even redt shidduchim at the same time.When I iyH get shadchanus, I’ll bli neder for sure give maaser to Fiveish.


Mordechai Steinberger

It’s really a poshute zach. Each talmid will get an auction book , yeah? Each person he sells a ticket to gets him into a raffle for a soda can. Avada this way I’ll reach my goal in mamash a minute. Maskim? Maskim.

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