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“What does Oorah do with all that money anyway?”

This year at Oorah:

1589 would-be public school students receiving tuition at 264 yeshivos and day schools

1116 campers and 692 staff members experienced a summer at TheZone

17 Yom Tov Events, Shabbazones, and Retreats, each attended by 100s of participants

21,483 holiday and specialty packages sent to Oorah families

600+ dates set up by the Rebbetzins Program resulting in 20 engagements, B”H!

3096 seforim and books sent out to TorahMates

10,200+ individuals active in the TorahMates program

1389 Chillers enjoying weekly pizza, learning, and fun at ChillZone!

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Hear directly from the beneficiaries of your generous donations. Watch tuition recipients, Zoniacs, TorahMates and more in these short, one-minute clips.

“My kids see that their father studies (Torah) so they'll do it too.”

Oorah does everything for its singles.”

“I started wearing tzitzit in camp...I'm a totally changed person.

“She'll have a yearning for learning mitzvot and saying brachas...”

“I can't imagine living without it anymore.”

The drive to really push myself to learn again…huge plus of coming to the Dira.”

“...one little 10-year-old... now my entire family is in a very different place.”

“They take great pride... that they’re helping these kids be who they are.”

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